Sunday, December 28, 2014

Interfaith | 'Education' a Cornerstone of the One World Religion

Coming out of the Philippines we see a model of the New World Religion taking shape. Ebra Moxsir M. al-Haj, head of the Imam Council of the Philippines and chaplain of the Philippine National Police, praised Pope Francis' efforts in favor of the good and peace in the world against all forms of extremism, which must be backed all the way. He calls on Muslims to welcome the pontiff and understand his words.

Here we see a Muslim leader praising Pope Francis and encouraging his followers to submit to the pope in the name of a common morality. By doing this they create a religion that is not based on a belief in God, but is based upon a moral code of behavior. We have seen this before with the King of Jordan’s Common Word, the Vatican’s call for a world moral authority and a United Religions based on the United Nations and located in Rome.

The worrisome part of Moxsir’s words is his call for ‘education’ to make sure that all people of all religions understand their religions well enough to make sure that they do not become extremists. This will mean that the world’s moral authority will take precedence over the authority of God’s word.

Manila: Islamic leader calls on Muslims to follow Pope Francis for world peace

Manila (AsiaNews) - A high-ranking Filipino Muslim leader urged all people of faith, regardless of specific religious affiliations, to go all out in their support for Pope Francis.

In an interview on the Know The Truth programme, which will be aired in early January, Imam Ebra M Moxsir Al-Haj, an Islamic scholar and a chaplain of the Philippine National Police (PNP), specifically called on his "Muslim brothers and sisters to join the Holy Father in his efforts" against the use of violence.

Moxsir urged his fellow Filipino Muslims to welcome the pontiff and back his call for interfaith cooperation based on honesty and goodwill as the way to achieve real peace.

He also said he shares the pontiff's stance against extremism, which will stop at nothing. Only peace between religions can stop it.

"Good Muslims and Christians all want peace," he explained. "Education has an important role to play to make it happen . . . We must see to it that our brothers and sisters are properly educated in their faith so that they will not be swayed by those extremists".

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