Monday, May 25, 2015

By the Polluted Rivers of Babylon | Pope Goes All-In on Climate Change

Pope Francis has a way of saying one thing while doing another. When the United States sent its navy to launch missiles against Assad's army in Syria in August of 2013, Pope Francis called for peace. The U. S. eventually withdrew and never used its missiles, One year later Francis was urging the western nations to go to war against ISIS. Although, the pope never called for military action himself. The pope cleverly stayed above all of the nastiness of armed conflict while others, such as Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, called for “effective military protection.” And the Pope's admirers still insist he is a pacifist.

On April 28 the Vatican hosted a summit on man-made climate change. This is in preparation for an encyclical on climate change and the environment that the pope will release in June. With this encyclical the pope will put put the 'moral authority' of the Roman Catholic Church behind climate change and environmental activism. The Pontiff has been clear in his belief that the earth is warming and it is mankind's fault. The pope will likely call for stronger environmental regulations and programs to restrict human activity that causes global warming.

While most Christians support good stewardship of the earth's natural resources, the climate change movement insists that the climate is changing and that this change is caused by human activity. Once the element of human activity is introduced into the topic, the regulation of human activity becomes fair game. With the backing of the Roman Catholic Church as a moral authority, the regulation of human activity will supersede property rights, water rights and constitutional rights. This aligns very well with one of the pope's goals, global wealth redistribution. Also, the pope is rumored to be beginning his attack on United States' civil rights. According to Alan Keyes writing in the Daily Caller, a Vatican adviser by the name of Jeffery Sachs said that when the pope is in the United States in September he will challenge the American idea of God given unalienable rights.

There is an old saying. If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. When the pope gives his endorsement to global warming / climate change he will find himself keeping company with a very immoral crowd. One to the major dogmas of environmentalists is population control and even population reduction. The methods of human population reduction include abortion. This runs contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. So Francis has many people worried inside his own church that climate change may be a back door into approval of abortion. An Italian writer named Riccardo Cascioli wrote an article in La nuova Bussola Quotidiana voicing his concern that the encyclical on the environment is going to put the church at odds with its own teaching. According to John Allen writing for the concluding line of Cascioli's article is “The road the church is heading down is precisely this: To quietly approve population control while talking about something else.”

How the pontiff will be able to support climate change contrary to the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church is beginning to become clear as the forces of the climate change blitz begin to line up. Francis is not the first pope to believe in the 'doctrine' of climate change and an infrastructure of climate change activists already exists within the church. The encyclical will give the blessed go-ahead to those within the Catholic Church who would rather promote trendy environmental activism than all that boring God stuff. Rachel Zoll, writing for AP, says that Nancy Tuchman of Loyola University will be working to unite all of the 28 Jesuit colleges in the United States to act on this issue. The Catholic charity Caritas International will take on climate change a a contributor to food insecurity. The pope will use his authority to encourage every group and parish within the Roman Catholic Church to become active in the climate change movement. Also, there will be those in the many secular climate change group who will be happy to use the pope's popularity and authority to promote there own agenda. The pope will try to keep his hands clean, but as I stated; Lie down with dogs...

The pope has his own agenda and timetable. The encyclical on climate change is finished and ready to be released in June. In September, the pope will be in the United States. He will visit the White House, speak before Congress (the first time a pope has ever addressed Congress) and speak at the United Nations. You can expect climate change to be a major topic. But all of this is just background for the big event, the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris from November 30 through December 11. The pope has said that he wants to be directly involved in this meeting.

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